Let’s bridge the gap between what scientists know and what we know

because science allows you to make informed decisions
so that you can live a better, healthier, happier life

I'm Paula

I’ve realized that the best way to understand myself, the people in my life, and people in general is to study human psychology. So I’m learning more and sharing what I learn along the way.

As I was reading more scientific studies, I’ve realized that there’s a big gap between what scientists know and what most people know. I want to help reduce that gap through my content.

Why? Because when we are up to date with the best scientific information, we know what are the best strategies we can use to get what we want in life – whether that’s becoming happier, having a better relationship, or achieving our goals.

This is why I've created...

Study Spotlight

An online magazine that helps you learn from the latest research
in a way that’s simple, clear, and enjoyable!

Contact me

If you have any questions, you can reach me at: hello@paulaghete.com