Global problems need global solutions

We are all living on the same planet in increasingly interconnected societies. There are many problems that affect us all – or will affect us all in the future. These problems may affect some of us or all of us. They can affect us directly or indirectly, in the present or in the future. So this is why we need to be aware of them and try to avoid them together.

Some of these problems are:

  • Pollution & Climate change
  • Animal cruelty & exploitation
  • Inequality & Poverty
  • Discrimination & Exploitation
  • AI, Big Data & Automation

These problems will likely not affect us all equally and at the same time. Some people or creatures will suffer more and sooner than others. This doesn’t mean we should just disregard them.

We can also make a difference through our own individual choices. What we do every single day matters and we can either contribute to the problem or be part of the solution.

However, the actions of some of us cannot protect us from the consequences of the actions of others.

If I pollute less, I will still suffer because others pollute.

If I never eat meat or animal products, animals will still suffer because others eat them.

The truth is that unless we all act in a responsible way, many of us (if not all) will suffer.

Global problems needs global solutions and we all need to contribute.

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