Morality: advantage or disadvantage?

I feel like it’s been a while since I approached a more complex topic here and I missed that. Plus, this is a question that has been on my mind often – especially over the last few days.

My question is: Do you think that morality is usually an advantage or a disadvantage?

And now I’ll try to explain why I am asking this and what I think. I care a lot about morality, fairness and justice. I honestly wish everyone would care more about these things too.

I think that these values represent an ideal to reach for. I am sure I could do more and be better. But I try to do the right thing as much as I can.

And even though I want to live my life in accordance with these values, sometimes I feel that this is a struggle and a burden. I feel that the people who are not bound by a moral code have it easier and are more likely to succeed.

For example, the guy who sees no problem in exploiting poor workers from countries like India (as Tim Ferriss recommended in his book The Four-Hour Work Week) will make much more money than someone like me who feels this is wrong and unfair.

Someone who has the audacity to charge people $1,000 for coaching with no credentials or expertise cashes in on that. But I could never do that because I would feel like a fraud.

Yet let’s face it, we live in a capitalist world that praises money – no matter how you earned them (as long as it is legal or, at least, we do not know it is illegal).

And when I think about this, I see morality as a thing that is limiting in a way. I’m not saying morality is meant to make us rich. I just wish it wouldn’t have to cost us opportunities.

I think lack of morals can bring benefits in the short term, but maybe morality wins in the long run.

And yet, what should we do?

I wanted to share this here to see what you think about this. I’m still trying to work through my thoughts on this one, so feel free to share your view! What do you think about morality?

1 thought on “Morality: advantage or disadvantage?”

  1. 1. Define morality.

    2. Whatever you define morality as, it is generally an advantage to your family, relationships, community, society, country – not to you.

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