Perspectives Ep2: Mental Health and Environmentalism with Jannie Malm

I love it when I can connect with like-minded people who share philosophies or personal experiences that I can relate to. And this is exactly what happened when I interviewed the lovely Jannie Malm for my podcast “Perspectives”. If you listened to the first episode, you know that we had a great conversation that continues in this episode called “Mental Health and Environmentalism”.

My guest, Jannie Malm is a blogger and Instagrammer who talk about mental health, environmentalism and her life. You can find her by visiting her blog Discoveries of a Dane or on Instagram as Discoveries of a Dane.

In this episode we talked about some topics that are more personal, but I think most of you will relate at least to some part of her story. Here are some of them:

  • Depression: Jannie’s experience, causes and treatment
  • Awareness, spirituality and gratitude
  • Materialism and the negative effects it has on ourselves and the world
  • Transitioning to vegetarian or vegan diets

I found our talk very interesting, especially since we approached topics that every young person should think about in my opinion. Here are some great ideas from this episode:

The expectations of society can crush you and cause you a lot of stress and unhappiness. It’s important to learn how to manage them.

We need to understand that we are responsible for our own happiness.

Materialism is something that does not make us happy and it contributions to pollution. So we need to learn how to move from the instant gratification of objects towards gratitude and higher values.

Making the transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet can be hard, especially at first, but it reduces animal cruelty and pollution and it is definitely worth it.

If you found these ideas interesting or important, listen to the podcast to hear more. You can listen to it using the player below. You can also find it on SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes. Thank you for listening to “Perspectives”!

And if you want to join the conversation, feel free to leave us a comment below. If you want to connect with my guest Jannie, check out her website or Instagram account for more great content.

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