Perspectives Ep4: Challenging the Clichés of Instagram Travel Content with Jorden Tually

In the 4th episode of The Perspectives Podcast I spoke to Jorden Tually about clichés on Instagram. He’s a traveler and a content creator who “is living the dream”. He goes on many adventures and found a way to monetize his skills and traveling adventures. But he’s also aware that travel content on Instagram is often unrealistic, fake or unoriginal. So he decided to create his own lifestyle account to show how ridiculous and unoriginal some Instagram posts truly are.


We talked about many different topics in this episode, but the main ones would be traveling, religion and Instagram content. Here are some of the things we discuss on this episode:

  • how he started traveling
  • how he affords to travel so much (sponsored posts, creating content for companies)
  • his advice for anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps
  • his belief in God and the challenges that a Christian person experiences
  • trends on social media, especially Instagram
  • the discrepancy between Instagram posts and real life
  • what he thinks people should care more about and why

As you can see, we ended up approaching an interesting mix of topics. If you are unsure what Jorden is doing with his accounts and why, this podcast will probably clarify that for you. You’ll also get to discover more about himself and see a side of him that is not so obvious on social media.


Some key ideas I love from the podcast:

1. If you are just graduating from school and you don’t know what to do with your life, travel. It may help you discover what you like or what you’re missing.

2. You can be a tourist in your own country.

3. If you were raised in a bubble with people who share your beliefs, travelling can open your eyes and broaden your horizon. It can also help you reassess what you believe in and discover who you are.

4. There is a popular culture on Instagram of luxury travel, narcissism and copycat content.

5. We need to understand that what there is a big difference between the pictures we see on Instagram and what hides behind them.

6. The Instagram community can decide to encourage or discourage certain trends. Likes often drive content.

I was very excited about recording this episode since I love Jorden’s lifestyle account. I think it’s high time we realize how much fake content there is on social media and we should see it for what it is. And having this conversation with someone who was also close to people in this online community provided me with an insider’s perspective. I hope you enjoy this episode as much I enjoyed recording it. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!

Listen to the podcast

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Time stamps

Travelling: 1:18 – 22:30

Religion: 22:30 – 35:35

Instagram trends: 35:35 – 1:07:48

Interesting questions: 1:07:48 – 01:19:47

If you want to connect with Jorden, here’s how to reach him:

Jorden Tually’s main Instagram account: jordentually

Jorden’s lifestyle Instagram account: lifestylejorden

Jorden’s YouTube account

Jorden’s website

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