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Affiliate links


I use affiliate links on this website to promote certain products or services that I am using and I think you may like too. If you make a purchase or sign up through my affiliate link, I will receive a small commission because I recommended that product/service. You will not be charged anything for this.


I am an Amazon Associate. This means that I can recommend products sold on Amazon with my own affiliate links. If you click on that link to make a purchase, I will receive a commission from Amazon for recommending that product. You will not be charged extra. I always make sure you know it is an affiliate link before you click on it.


I only recommend products/services that I am using and I am satisfied with. If you like my content, please make purchases through my affiliate links. This allows me to continue creating content in the future.

If you have other questions, feel free to reach me at

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What are cookies?

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are sent by the web server to your web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer). These cookies can store some information about you and your online activity.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to get information about the way users interact with our website in order to track and improve the content and services we provide.

Cookies cannot personally identify you personally, but they can provide us with some information about you.


The services we use

This website uses services from other companies. This means that we also use third-party cookies. These are the main services we use right now:

Google Analytics

This is a free service provided by Google. It allows us to measure the traffic we get on our website and how users interact with our website. It also provides us with some information about the users, but we have no way of identifying them personally. Many websites use this type of service.

Google Analytics helps us:

  • better understand our audience
  • see what articles are most popular
  • identify how you access our website (from a Google search or from our social media accounts)


What type of information do we collect?

We may collect information about you or the way you use our website. Here are a few examples of the type of information we have access to:

  • your age group
  • the country you are in
  • we can tell if you are visiting our website for the first time or not
  • the medium you used to get to our website (a google search, our Instagram account, our Facebook page and so on)
  • the pages/articles you read on our website

However, we cannot identify you personally. Even if you provided us your email address to sign up for the newsletter, we can only use that to send you emails. We cannot use your email to see how you are using our website.


How long we keep data

We keep the information we have access to indefinitely. However, you have access over the accounts you create on or through our website. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter or delete your Teachable account at any time.


Your rights

You have the right to be forgotten. You can ask us to delete the information we have collected about you. You can also control the accounts you have created on/through our website.


Opt out

If you want to, you can block cookies when using our website. Learn how to do that, depending on the browser you use:

However, keep in mind that if you do block all cookies, we have no way of learning more about the way you use our website. Therefore, this means that it will be harder for us to optimize our content and our website.


Safety and privacy

We do not collect your data with the intent to sell it to other parties. If third-parties have access to some of your information, it is only because we use some of their services to access, use or organize the data we collect.

We use services from other companies (Google Analytics). These services are either free or paid for. Since these companies help us collect and use data with or on their platforms/websites, they are responsible for the protection of your data.

In case we discover any data breaches, we will notify you about it.