Turn on the light!


When I wanted to have this picture taken of me, I knew this is how I wanted it to look. And I instantly knew what it meant to me.


The way I see it, we spend a big part of our lives in a darkness of the mind. We walk around wherever they are guided by others, society or ideologies that we do not really understand. Some force push us from behind and we keep going, without asking where or why.


But when you decide to turn on the light, everything changes. That’s the moment when you seek to truly understand things, judge them critically and seek the truth above all. For me, the truth is the only thing that can make things clear.


And the closer you get to the truth, the brighter it gets around you. You begin to see yourself more clearly and to understand how people think and how the world works. You begin to question everything – even the things everyone believes in to uncover the truth.


Instead of just believing everything you are told or believe, you put them in the light, magnify and dissect them. And you do your best to find the truth. And when you do, it all becomes clear.


You let go of myths, you stop believing in legends. You no longer want to do the things that you are “supposed to do” just because everyone does them. You have a bullshit filter and you can rarely be fooled by others – or, hopefully, yourself. Many things become irrelevant and meaningless.


All that’s left is the desire to discover even more. That’s how I feel – no matter how much I read or learn, I want to keep learning and understand more. The way I see it, the truth is the only thing that has the power to change so much. And that’s why I constantly search for it.

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